Forest Park Cafe

Forest Park Cafe
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Forest Park Cafe

Like the smell of good food and the sound of fun chatter gather friends and families together, the same goes for Forest Park Café. Situated right at the center of the park, this café was designed to be an indoor space without compromising the outdoor natural feel of the park. In order to keep with the Park’s eco-smart theme, the Café was built around several existing pine trees, which now serve as natural pillars.

Forest Park Café has a variety of delicious and comforting food and drinks at very affordable prices. Our menu features different heart-warming dishes perfect for any meal any time of the day.

Try our signature cinnamon rolls or ensaymada and pair it up with a cup of decadent hot chocolate, or order our very popular freshly hand rolled pizzas. Whichever dish you may desire, Forest Park Café will for sure fill your craving without disappointment.

So follow your nose, your eyes and your ears, and let your senses be your guide!